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Instant chat, right from your Tumblr dashboard.

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Chat with your friends on Tumblr (In real time!)

Babblr is the first of its kind, giving Tumblr users the ability to instantly chat with friends,
right from the dashboard. Join the conversation and become a ‘Babblr’ today!

finally made easy.

Until now, the ask box has been the primary means of communication on Tumblr...but we found that sometimes, that’s just not fast enough (e.g. telling your friend you were just joking when you said that mentos and cola were a great combination). Now with Babblr, you can take your conversations into real-time, making it easier and faster to communicate with Tumblr friends and followers with highly private, family-friendly instant chat. A first of its kind for Tumblr users.

Create a group chat instantly

Babblr gives you the ability to organize your friends into groups with its multi-person chat feature.

Chat with several friends at once.

There's no limit to the number of people you can chat with. Just create a group, give it a sweet name and start Babblin’.

Create a group, keep control.

When you create a group, you become the admin. You can add and remove friends how you want to, without having unknown users join in.

Settings to fit your style

You can choose what you want to see, decide how private you want your account to be, organize your lists,
create groups and more with our customizable settings menu.


When a friend chats with you, Babblr will both audibly and visually let you know. You don’t like the sound notifications? Don’t worry, you can turn them off in the settings panel.


You can block users, unblock them, and delete yourself from groups you've been added to for extra privacy.

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